The Squawk Back, short story, “John’s Bride”

Corda Magazine, short story, “The Last Day” (print)

Dryland, short story, “The Trees” (print)

SFWP Quarterly, short story, “Doctor Sharpe”

Girl Love Zine, short story, “YOU” (print)

Potluck Magazine, short story, “The Trees”

Hand Job Literary Zineshort story, “Flies,” (print)

Leopardskin and Limes, short story, “YOU”

With Regard to Modernity: Darkshort story, “Flies,” (print)

FEMMEUARY!, short story, “The Lost Coin,” (print)

Milk and Honey, short story, “YOU,” (print)

Paper and Ink Literary Zine, short story, “YOU,” (print)

With Regard to Modernity: Nostalgia, short story, “YOU,” (print)

Home Alone Christmas Special Zine, short story, “Home Alone” (print)

Galavant Magazine, Issue 3 (Crack), short story, “Doctor Sharpe,” (print)

With Regard to Modernity, short story, “Doctor Sharpe,” (print)

Mslexia, short fiction and review, (print)

Boon Magazine, short story, “YOU,” (print)

Underground Voices, short story, “On Bohemia”

Zamenhof Magazine, short story, “On Bohemia”

B Rad Magazine, short story, “Flies”

Bedford Square 6 Anthology, extract from novel in progress, The Crowded Void (print)

Sick Chirpse, C U Next Tuesday: CUNT + Women who Hate Women: The Jolene Debate

Spindle Magazine

Source Magazine

Candid Magazine

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