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Alice Ash is a writer, filmmaker and collaborator. She is currently working on her first collection Paradise Block and her second short film, The Woman. Alice is the co-creator of Femmeuary, a collaborative feminist blog and co-directed the short film Doctor Sharpe.


Eastenders was on the television so I watched that for a while but then, when it finished, there was nothing left for me to do but sob in the shower while water ran out of my eyes and over my enormous body.

— shall we have the quote's from the character, the story, or no author at all? —

Doctor Sharpe

A short film directed and produced by Alice Ash and Laura Brown and written by Alice Ash.

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He looked at me and I let my mouth open slightly. I was wearing glossy pink lipstick.

— Rose —



Lit Live w/ Alex Cristofi- a reading from short story “YOU” (2015)

Once I was out at the club, in a dress that was designed to make boys/guys/men feel really hot under the collar and really hard inside their pants.

— You by Alice Ash —

The Woman OUT NOW!

An EXCITING visit to the core of delusion, where the catch of an eye or the brush of a sleeve is DANGEROUS and where DARK SEXUALITY broods in bedsits, with chocolate ice-cream and soap operas. Listen to a SYMPHONY of sounds you’ve never heard before as the truly isolated world of The Woman pricks your ears to the ticking of the clock, the CRUSHING cackle of young lovers at the bus stop, a fusion of traffic and people walking away, faster and faster.
The Woman takes you into a whirlwind adventure, UNLEASHING the stirrings of incredible loneliness and the dry-eyed DESPERATION that comes deep in the night.

I thought: I’ll ring the doctor and tell him that Cassie’s got an infestation and that I need him to come out right away. But then, I went to fetch the telephone and when I came back the roach was gone and Cassie was just Cassie, face down in the pillow, peacefully dreaming. And I looked under the bed and there was no roach there and really, you couldn’t miss a roach the size of a fist and so I rang the doctor anyway and said to the receptionist, ‘Please help me, my wife won’t talk to me,’ and the receptionist just said, ‘Ummmmm,’ and I hung up the phone and went to work.

— Who said this? —


People keep calling us sluts.

— Alice Ash —


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